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Dear Teenage Me, Part 2

Me, squinting. Probably thinking about Chee-toes.

Me, squinting. Probably thinking about Chee-toes.

Dear Teenage Me,

1. Possessive jealousy is not love. It is a form of control, hurts everyone involved, and kills what it seeks to hold on to.

2. That guy? The one you’re desperately pining for? Well…get this: you actually don’t think about him at all anymore. AT. ALL.

3. Passive-aggressive people are just manipulators who will never own their shit. So stop trying to make them. On a related note, own your shit.

4. Always choose experiences over things. You will never regret it.

5. Chee-toes are not a food group. Not even the white cheddar ones. And try and eat a vegetable before age 30.

6. People-pleasing is just another form of controlling others. Whatever you try to control ends up controlling you.

7. Black waterproof eyeliner is your friend. That blue frosted eye shadow is not.

8. 4 things that can define a person: if she wipes her lipstick off of her glass at a restaurant, returns shopping carts to the corral at the grocery store, tells someone when she has lipstick on her teeth, and revels in other people’s joy. Be that person.

9. You can be outdoorsy adventure girl AND glittery girl. You don’t have to choose. Just wake up early to put on your eyeliner.

10. Calm the f*&k down. Believe it or not, kiddo, it is a choice to be anxious, to be a worrier, to spout every opinion you have, or attend every argument you’re invited to. Sometimes, just RSVP no.

11. Choose carefully whose opinions matter. Don't worry what EVERYONE thinks. Self-consciousness is just another form of self-centeredness.

12. Keep a list of every book you read (yes, all of them!). And treasure it always.

13. A little tiny bit of drama never hurt anyone. Just don’t mistake drama for passion.

More to come. Stay veracious.