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Adventures in Anti-Aging Beauty Products: Growing Old Disgracefully without Botox (so far…)” Part 1, the Twice Dailies

mac micellar wipes. simply the best.

mac micellar wipes. simply the best.

So! My mom bought me my first ‘Teen Magazine when I was a kid, and while I didn’t learn how to flirt with boys (until I was about 28 years-old. Stay tuned for that post, too) from all of those magazines, I DID learn about taking care of your skin & preventing wrinkles (yes, even from a teen magazine). ‘ALWAYS wash your face before bed!’ is a rule I have only broken a couple of times in my whole life. Yes, my WHOLE life. #humblebrag
By no means am I saying that I am a fanatic about doing EVERYTHING to take care of my complexion (i.e., my happy ass won’t stop drinkin’ Chardonnay just because it supposedly "ages" your skin). But there is very little I won’t buy, try, attempt, use, zap or smear on from a gift with purchase, if it promises a glowing, sparkling, wrinkle-preventing result (except Botox, which I have nothing against, and just may try someday myself...stay tuned.).
For now, these are some of the things I use. This is the first of what will likely be many posts on this topic. Trust me, I use so many products there isn't room in one post to get in to it all. These are the twice dailies. The once-dailies, weeklies & monthlies will come later. (I promised you there are a LOT.)
You’ll need the following, to use in this order, day and night:
  • This steamer. It steams up in about 30 seconds. Always change out or refill the water each day. As you remove your makeup, lean over it & let it open your pores. Keep leaning over it while you do these next few steps. It is also fabulous to use on days when you do masks. 

  • MAC cloths. No need for water, just keep these by the couch or side of the bed, for when you're exhausted or maybe had a bit too much of the adult beverages. This way you'll have no excuse for not cleaning your face!

  • Origins toner. It's best to use with organic cotton balls, which are just the softest. 

  • Origins Essence. Shake the essence into your palms & pat in to your face for 30-45 seconds. Essence is a product that makes everything that follows work even better. 

  • This Moisture serum.  Drop a bit onto your hands and smooth all over your face. If it tingles that's okay, it's working. Everything you put on after this will soak in that much better, including face masks. This is a new addition to my routine, and it is AMAZING. I immediately noticed a difference in the softness of my skin. 

  • Origins Skin Guardian. You only need one pump of this. You will instantly feel how smooth it makes your skin. This is your skin medicine.

  • Moisturizer. This is where I don't splurge, usually. I will use regular ole Lubriderm on my face. I am of the opinion that you can use the same moisturizer morning and night, but some people use a heavier one overnight. I understand that, but I layer on so many products that a heavy nighttime moisturizer doesn't work for me, unless it is dead winter in Montana, in which case I one from, you guessed it, Origins.

  • Klairs Mask. Don't let the title fool you: this is not a mask that you have to keep on for 10 minutes & rinse off. It is actually an overnight mask that you can use 2/x daily and let it soak in. I've read that some people use this as a foundation primer, but I'm not totally convinced of that just yet!

  • Eye serum from Elemis. You can actually feel it tightening the delicate skin around your eyes. A few drops is all it takes, and one bottle lasts for months and months. Amazing.

There it is! The twice-dailies! Stay tuned for the once-dailies, twice-weeklies, weeklies, monthlies, and emergencies.
Now, go forth. Make chic happen.