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All Eyes on Eyes: A Simple Contoured Eye that Stays All Day

So, nothin’ bugs more than creased eyeshadow, amirite? You’re halfway through your day, you glance in the rearview mirror, & the fabulous eye you spent so much time on is just...toast. Ugggghhhh.
Here’s how you prevent that!  I have tried all the products and these are the winners. Your shadow will still be there tonight. 
Start with eyeliner, even before shadow base or any eyeliner (Why? Well, think about it: when you try out waterproof liners on your hand at the store, you don't put it over eyeshadow or base!), and this eyeliner works on your top lid and in your waterline, especially if you're short on time.
Then it's all about this Lancome shadow base. To apply, make sure your ring finger completely free of oils & creams, get a bit of the shadow base, & pat it on. Let it set for 10-20 seconds before putting on the rest of your eye shadows. (Side note: this product is also a really good concealer for sunspots on your cheeks. Dab it on over your foundation, followed by powder, then bronzer, blush, highlighter - stay tuned for my glowing-skin-making posts!)
Next comes your Urban Decay "Virgin" for your allover eye color, & this brush for your MAC Quarry in your crease. You'll LOVE both of these shades. They work on all eye colors and are super-flattering. 

Then, if necessary, reapply a bit of the liner on your top lid. After you have applied all of your dewy, glowy, skin-brightening makeup, finish with applying HD powder on your eyes with a fan brush, THEN put on this Origins mascara. It’s the closest thing to false lashes you’ll ever get. 

 origins mascara. you'll die from happiness.

origins mascara. you'll die from happiness.

Now go forth. Make chic happen.