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Glow-y, dewy skin (or, how to fake it); I'm not from South Korea, but I got there as fast as I could.

me, smiling 'cause i finally got it right.

me, smiling 'cause i finally got it right.

Okay, my friends, a short story: when we went to S. Korea for the Olympics, I didn’t know that my life (and skin) would be so affected, forever! The skin of the women there is out of this WORLD. I became obsessed, and, came home with more than Olympic souvenirs. Two of the *Korean* products that came home with me promise, and deliver, prettier skin on application. Best part: you can get them on Amazon.

Since you've already done your eyes but not your mascara (see my eye makeup blog for why that is), next comes face makeup. I have tried it ALL over the years. And by all, I mean from drugstore cosmetics to Chanel, & everything in between. These are my current faves, in order of application. If I try a new product & love it & things change, I promise to let you know.

  1. After you moisturize, use this as a primer (or by itself, if you dare) from the *Korean* line Aqutop. The consistency makes your skin like butter, and it is color-controlling, so, choose the one that corrects your specific issue. I use the green one that corrects redness.

  2. This *Korean* BB cream/foundation-type product called a cushion, and I can see why it’s all the rage in Korea. Talk about glowing, creamy, radiant skin. And be sure to NOT use the sponge it comes with (so many germs!) and use a foundation brush instead.

  3. NARS HD powder, applied with this fan brush, because you don't want your bronzer & blush to all smear together. And, be sure to brush it over your eyes, too. When you're all done with everything, including your undereye concealer (It's true to its claims. Follow the directions and...Wow! Fabulous!), take your pinkie & pat some of the powder under your eyes. Magic.

  4. NARS concealer & Revlon concealer are both great for other non-eye areas you're concerned about. Apply with this shadow brush, in a circular motion.

  5. Use a darker shade of foundation for your bronzer if you want more coverage, brushed just along under your cheekbones, around your hairline & jawline in a C motion. (This handy chart shows where bronzer, blush & highlighters go.) And for strictly bronzer, nothing is better than NARS Laguna.

  6. Blush. I am in love with this Lancome color. It brightens your whole face without being neon, sparkly, or too much sparkle. Just the right amount of shimmer.

  7. Highlighter is my newest obsession. Truly, I have so many different ones that I am using right now I haven't been able to settle on just one to recommend. So, here are my top picks:

  • Urban Decay eyeshadow (yes, eyeshadow) in Virgin. Take your ring finger & pat it along your upper cheek & into the inside corner of your eyes.

  • Jouer highlighter in Champagne. Apply just a tiny bit with a flat foundation brush.

  • Tarte "Gleam Team" is fabulous, too. It includes a stick & a liquid. Smooth along your eye socket, just above where your blush is.

A note about highlighting: If you have concerns about your eye area (wrinkles? "freckles?" whatever you DON'T want highlighted), after all of this is done, take your foundation brush & smooth a bit of foundation over the entire area, blush & bronzer included, & blend, blend, blend. This is how you get the lit-from-within glow.

Finally, use your fan brush to put more HD powder to seal it all in, & finish with Urban Decay All-nighter spray. Done and done.

Now, go forth. Make chic happen.