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Stuff I Love So Much I'm Sure They'll Discontinue it

Me, pretending i'm in a toothpaste ad. holding toothpaste.

Me, pretending i'm in a toothpaste ad. holding toothpaste.

Hello, Voyagers!

I have a general rule: don't watch a show in its first season. Why, you ask? Because, 1) I'll love it and 2) they'll cancel it. Same goes for beauty stuff. I'm never quite convinced that they won't discontinue it if I love it. Glass is half empty, huh? Well, case in point: I have been using Redken for Men clear gel to tame flyaways for the better part of 15 years. A tub lasts for a year. Welp, shoulda bought a good 50 of them, 'cause, buh bye. #wah.

Anyhoo, here's some beauty stuff I just GOTTA tell you about. Some are timeless, some are new (and, maybe, short-lived) so stock up.

First, a coupla important things to keep in the bathroom cupboard. Got acne? Do you ever get a cyst, right before a big event? Keep these two things handy, at ALL times. If you have even a hint that a cyst or bump is coming, use hydrocortisone cream all day, constantly reapplying. It will reduce the bump within hours. No joke. Use this tea tree oil from The Body Shop twice a day, but no more, because it will dry out your skin with overuse. If you leave the house & thus must wear makeup, use this Body Shop concealer to cover it up. At home, use this little machine from Neutrogena.

Moisturizing hair conditioner and these disposable Schick razors for shaving your legs mean that you almost don't need your Lubriderm afterwards. But, use it anyway. A classic.

Jojoba oil is a must-have. It soothes & prevents razor bumps, removes makeup, cleans skin, & moisturizes like a maniac. Use it alone or put a few drops in your lotion, and even use it before shampooing to moisturize your scalp or after blow-drying on the ends of your hair. Magic.

This whitening toothpaste works like a charm. Check out my photo, above.

Some makeup stuff:

Lancôme "All That Brightens" eyeshadow will make your eyes glow. Check out my Glamorous Eye blog on how to use it. I buy these two at a time because I'm scared it'll stop coming out!

IT Cosmetics has a bronzer/highlighter that will make your face glow. It's pretty magical.

These are the dependable lip colors I've bought over & over again: NARS "Falbala" lipstick for a matte, sheer look, MAC "Oh, Baby" (golden bronze) and "Nymphette" (which is not nearly as pink as it looks!) Lipglass glosses are back! YAY! Use them for more sparkle. "Oh, Baby" is so fabulous everyone I know that I've recommended it to has kept using it, regardless of their skin tone. Kat von D "Lolita" is the BEST for putting on as a base lip color. It lasts forever and everything looks great over it. Or wear it alone! So pretty, AND it immediately wakes up your face, even if it's the only thing you put on. Finally, when you put this color from YSL over the Lolita, it's a quick & easy nude lip.

NARS lipstick. Love.

NARS lipstick. Love.

For a gorgeous fake tan, this stuff from Lancôme is perfection. You can use it on your face, too. Plus, it smells like summer.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 5.33.48 PM.png

Some hair stuff: L. This leave-in conditioner and this thermal spray from Not Your Mother's are both fabulous. Dry shampoo, 'cause it's healthier not to wash every day: Aveda Shampure and Davines Hair Refresher are both great.

That's it for now! Check back for more recs on Stuff I Love So Much I'm Sure They'll Discontinue it - Entertainment and Travel Versions!

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