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Dear Teenage Me, Part 3

me, finally standing up straight

me, finally standing up straight

Dear Teenage Me,

1 Don’t be ashamed of your height, take it for granted, or wish it away. And stand up straight.

2 Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it. And know when to quit. Stubbornness is not conviction.

3 You get to say “no.” Listen closely to older you for this one, younger me: Your “No” is a complete sentence and an assertion of your humanity. Do not keep people in your life who don’t accept yours.

4 May you never get too old for pigtails. Or for t-shirts with pithy sayings on them.

5 Get to the mountains sooner than later. They’re home to you.

Montana. aka, Home .

Montana. aka, Home .

6 Your default setting might be to say no to new experiences. That might be the safer, easier choice. But, instead, try saying yes. Sometimes, just say yes.

7 What you pay attention to gets bigger and bigger; what you ignore gets smaller and smaller. So pay attention to and be thankful for what you have, not what you lack.

8 Should you choose to marry, marry someone you find interesting and whom you admire, who makes you feel good about yourself, and gives you sweet and silly nicknames.

9 You will more than once find yourself trying to change someone. It doesn’t work. Do this instead: think first of the options available to you rather than the options available to them.

10 It is okay to be confident. Confidence can be sexy. Conceit can not.

11 All that judging and criticizing and complaining you feel tempted to do might seem fun, but it doesn’t serve you well in life. Plus, hate is just so, so unattractive.

12 Show, don’t tell, people who you really are.

Here are the first & second letters. More to come. Stay veracious.