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Adventures in Anti-Aging Beauty Products: Growing Old Disgracefully without Botox (so far…)” Part 2, the Once Dailies

me, thinking about skin care.

me, thinking about skin care.

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This stuff is in addition to the twice-dailies I told you about here. I’ll explain how to integrate them here. What to do? Wake up, roll out of bed, drag a comb across your head. And, then do this:

1 . Clean your face with an organic cotton ball & La Roche Posay micellar water.

2. Toner.

3. Pat on a bit of Aqutop essence. This is one of the products that makes everything that goes after it work even better. From a skin-care expert: take the 60 seconds to pat this in. It’s worth it.

4. Either Eminence Vitamin C+Kale serum or this (yay, Amazon!) Vitamin C serum. Using Vitamin C in the morning provides protection for your skin against the elements all day.

5. Then the usual white tea serum & daily moisturizer. Lubriderm is nice and light for daily use, too. And, yes, on your face. Gentle, doesn’t make your face break out, AND is good for helping heal the aftermath of those times when you over-dried blemishes.

6. If you’re not putting on your whole face, as we say in the south, then using this BB/sunscreen still wakes up your whole face & provides a bit of color coverage. But, if you are doing your whole face, give this Rose Gold stuff a try. I either use it just before my primer, or put a drop or 2 in my foundation. Glowy skin is yours.

Now, nighttime: Clean your face. Use toner, wait a minute for it to dry. Then:

1. Use this inappropriate-looking wand. Trust me on this one: you don't want this hanging around your bathroom. It looks, um, like, ah, something other than what it is. And the noise it makes? Well...use it when no one else is around, 'cause, y'know. Anyhoo...

2. Next is your nighttime moisturizer. Or, if you're feeling extravagant, get yourself this, and use one pump per night. It is FABULOUS, and will last you for months and months. Rub between your hands with some Lubriderm or Cerave, Worry about investing in high-end beauty products? Well...*

3. This oil, which must be applied after moisturizer because oil prevents other products from soaking in after.

4. An overnight moisturizing mask.

Other advice from dermatologists, facialists a gorgeous 70-something lady we met in North Carolina, & other experts: change your pillowcase every night, and in the morning, use an iced pack or ice cubes on your eyes, OR (true story) stick your head in the freezer for a minute or two. Magic.

Now. Go forth. Make Chic Happen.

*I am of the strong opinion that using nothing but cheap beauty products is not that much cheaper than investing in good ones. Why? Ask yourself how many lipsticks you have bought from CVS, add up the cost compared with how often you use them, and look at the dollar amount of two or three from "prestige" brands that you tried on and decided you loved before you bought them.