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But first, enjoy this bit of ironic truth:



A life-changing, astonishing, exciting event is happening. (And, no, I'm not having a baby.)


Hello, Voyagers!

I have some brand-new, great news. But first, an old, tragic story.

When I was young & living in the suburbs, a little girl in the Dallas area was kidnapped from her front yard and later found murdered. Her name was Tyra. Tiny me became obsessed with Tyra: Who was Tyra? What had happened to her? Who took her? And why would someone do that? Around that same time, my uncle was murdered in Odessa, Texas and the case quickly went cold. While I didn’t know Tyra (or my uncle, really, whose case is still unsolved), a clear marker exists between who I was before and who I was after these events. My interest in criminal behavior and violence was sparked, and I began asking that eternal question: Why do people do what they do? I was not yet 10, and already I wanted answers.

That craving for answers and obsession with crime, violence, and human motivation has never waned; in fact it grew into an Interpersonal Communication class dedicated to the prevention of interpersonal violence. It is this course of which I am most proud and, as many students reported, truly saved lives.

But, even while I was still teaching, I never kept it a secret that my “next life” would involve Psychological Criminology. Recently, I realized that that “next life” is now.


My next life.

In short, this could soon be me:

Or, more likely this will be me:

Get it?! Yep. I decided to head back to school, to pursue another Masters Degree, this one in Criminology. So I applied to the University of Cambridge. And after what felt like YEARS, last week I finally received this email, albeit, without the fireworks (I added those).:

the happiest letter ever.

the happiest letter ever.

… after which I screamed and cried and laughed and that kept happening for hours.

Veracious Voyager isn’t going anywhere, my friends (I mean, I can’t stop throwing out my HSO’s about lip gloss, amirite?), but this is the reason my posts on this site have slowed down in the last few months, and this is the reason the blog is going to shift a bit as I shift into a life of preparing for my studies. I am planning to get back to regular posts, while reading every single crime & criminology book I can get my hands on, and from now on there will be more posts about murder, especially cold cases, and I will keep y’all updated on this next phase of my life.

I hope y’all come along for the ride.

Stay tuned. And stay sexy*.


*What is that? And what is SSDGM? Come back & I’ll explain everything…