"I have had the opportunity to attend live lectures and watch Rebecca on CBS11 over the years. She not only delivers messages people can relate to, but she does it in a way that helps you come to your own understanding. Her ability to take serious subjects and marry them with humor to ease the audience make her unique at her craft. Each time I have heard her speak I have taken away and been able to apply a new skill that has helped my personal and professional relationships.”     -Allison A.

I am by far a more confident communicator now and I no longer get anxious or tense in situations where I normally would.”

— Kristin.P.

"Your wisdom inspired me to live beyond for the sake of living to a life that now inspires others…"

— S.C.

"Thanks for playing such an integral role in my future."

-Chance R

You changed me for the better. 

— Ryan P.

Rebecca Harris is a sensational public speaker. She has the perfect balance of charisma and tough advice that you need to hear, but she does it in such a funny way, it feels good to take your medicine. And you want to keep coming back for more.

-Rani K.

Thank you for saving my life. — A.W.

“You have helped me come to terms with conflicts I have internally, and with relationships in my life.” -C.M.

"You have made a true impact on my life and I will never forget you." -D.R.

“You have truly enriched my life.” — N.P.

"I have grown to be a better father, brother, son, and coach."



“Thank you for the time I got to spend learning about myself. It has made me such a better person. Thank you for the time I will cherish the rest of my life."  -J.K.

This was a huge life-changer for me.”

OMG! You DO get dressed up to hike!

— Attia


— S.V.

I feel truly blessed to have had the experience as one of your students. — Tina

I considered Ms. Harris to be a philosopher and therapist of sorts and not just an interpersonal communications teacher. She laid the foundation for so many positive alternative thought patterns created over the years since taking her class. I HIGHLY recommend tuning into her blog posts as well as reading The Gift of Fear to understand human behavior a little bit more. -Bridgette

Comments like these. That's why I am doing this. Plus, sometimes they make me cry. The comments. Not the people. The comments.

Now, here is a pic of me looking pensive. Enjoy.

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