A world-traveling interpersonal relationship guru on a quest for life's deeper meaning, the perfect nude lip, and solving murder.

Come with me.

What makes a veracious voyager?

Veracious voyagers value authenticity and the insight it creates within ourselves & others. We seek & explore new parts of the world & ourselves.

Let’s be veracious* together.

Join me on this journey, for reflections, experiences, stories, and practical advice you can use in your everyday life.

Plus, murder. (What?! You might ask. Read on.)

NEW! Murder & Crime

For those who are as obsessed with true crime as I am. Come on. Let’s do this.

Travel & Adventure

For those who believe not all who wander are lost.  I travel the world (with just a carry-on!) and now you can come with me.

Beauty & Style

For those who like to make chic happen. All the time & money I’ve spent figuring out this fashion & beauty stuff means that now you don’t have to.

Advice & Opinion

For those who like their wisdom with a side of wiseass. The things I’ve seen. The lessons I’ve learned. The stories I can’t wait to tell.

Who am I?

A Texas-born Communication Studies professor turned Montana hiking enthusiast turned post-graduate student of Criminology at Cambridge University, outdoorsy yet unapologetic glittery girl**, voracious and veracious world traveler, seeker of joy and adventure, giver of insightful relationship and life guidance, offerer of informed (or, at least, entertaining) opinions on just about any topic, and grateful inhabitant of a surprising life.

Veracious Voyager is a natural evolution of my classroom: a non-judgy, laid-back place where acceptance meets a swift motivating kick in the ass.

Why should you listen to me?

To sum up, with gerunds: Earning a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language (pretty sexy huh? I geek out with this one. WTF is a gerund?, you’re asking yourself, right?) and a Masters Degree in Communication Studies, winning a teaching award at Texas Tech, pursuing an acting career in L.A., surviving a divorce, finding true love (with a high school classmate!), writing two novels, creating a brand-new approach to teaching Interpersonal Communication after being named a full-time college instructor, becoming obsessed with places like Bali, Northern Spain, Yellowstone & New Zealand, recurring on Dallas CBS affiliate news station TXA-21 as their Relationship Expert, and being named one of the “Fresh Faces of Fashion” by Modern Luxury Dallas Magazine.

Also, because I know what a gerund is.

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Ask me anything! Maybe you have a burning relationship question I can address on my blog. Maybe you want to pack the perfect carry-on for that summer trip to Europe.

Maybe you have a desperate need to know the best shadow shade for making your eyes pop. 

Or maybe you just want to know what a gerund is.

Regardless, let’s figure out how to be effective communicators while we deal with others, especially those people who drive us “crazy” (and not go crazy ourselves), and look and feel fabulous while we’re doing it. Oh! And let’s dish about that nude lip.

*veracity \vəˈrAsitə\ (adjective): Truthfulness; accuracy; authenticity, especially from one who also speaks fluent snark. (I made up that last part.)

**glittery girl \gli-tərē gərl\ (noun): 
Origin: Australia (Credit Liane Moriarty) Those who “aren’t necessarily the prettiest but decorate themselves...like Christmas trees, with dangling earrings, jingling bangles & delicate, pointless scarves.”  Also, one who is as likely to hike with gloss on her lips as bear spray on her hip.