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That Dramatic, Glamorous Eye? It's Easier than You Think

IMG_6101 2.jpg
It's not as difficult as it might sound. In fact, once you get it down, you might be able to do it in as little as 6-8 minutes. Trust me.
You just need to have your tools handy. Other than the actual makeup & brushes, here's the list: An old CD, flat Q-tips, MAC micellar cloths, & a magnifying lighted mirror.
Start with the basic colors I lay out in this blog. After applying Smashbox eyeliner in your waterline (just close your eyes & run it back & forth, don't worry if you make a big mess). Urban Decay's Perversion eyeliner marker is great for a super-dark thicker line. Follow with shadow base & STILA shadow in "Kitten" for your allover color, then reach for your STILA liquid makeup. I'm wearing it in this picture, below. It is lovely to use as a shadow over your lid up to the crease, and as liner outside of your darker liner under your eye. Keep your eye closed until it dries. This is where the old CD comes in; it's fabulous to use as a fan to dry your eyes faster (and to mix makeup foundation colors on).
If you are not comfortable with the liquid shadow or are a newbie to fancy eyes, then this color named "All that Brightens" from Lancôme is gorgeous & simpler to do. Dampen this brush, dab it into the shadow & apply it on the back of your hand first to get rid of excess before applying. 
Use this brush & this shade for your crease, starting on the outside, using small circular motions. Keep in mind, the crease color needs to go up a bit higher on your eyelid than you think. 
This brush & Urban Decay's shade named "Thunderbird" are fabulous for the outside corner. Two other colors for the "outer V" of the eye that I am in love with come in their palettes: Naked Heat palette's "Ember" & "Wedge" from their Beached palette, which is what I'm wearing in this pic. 
Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.22.49 AM.jpg
This video on bridal makeup shows an easy way to do the outside V of your eye. 
Then, blend, blend, blend, from the outside in, using the larger brush in this set from Ecotools. If necessary, reapply a bit of the eyeliner you may have covered up with your shadows. Then take a bit of the STILA liquid shadow & apply just outside the shadow & liner you put on your lower lash line.
Finish with Origins mascara. ALWAYS. 
*If you have time*, this is when you use your MAC eyelashes with black glue. Here's great info for using lashes (and you'll need tweezers handy for this!).
Take Urban Decay "Virgin" or Nars "Albatross" tap your pinkie in it & pat it onto the inside corner of your eyes. Boom. Eyes that pop.
If you make a mess, use the flat Q-tips to clean up. Dip them onto the micellar cloths to dampen them enough to allow you to be precise in your cleanup. This is also why we do eyes first, before skin! 
Now go forth. Make chic happen.

Dear Teenage Me, Part 3

 me, finally standing up straight

me, finally standing up straight

Dear Teenage Me,
1 Don’t be ashamed of your height, take it for granted, or wish it away. And stand up straight.
2 Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it. And know when to quit. Stubbornness is not conviction. 
3 You get to say “no.” Listen closely to older you for this one, younger me: Your “No” is a complete sentence and an assertion of your humanity. Do not keep people in your life who don’t accept yours. 
4 May you never get too old for pigtails. Or for t-shirts with pithy sayings on them.
5 Get to the mountains sooner than later. They’re home to you.
 Montana. aka, Home . 

Montana. aka, Home . 

6 Your default setting might be to say no to new experiences. That might be the safer, easier choice. But, instead, try saying yes. Sometimes, just say yes.
7 What you pay attention to gets bigger and bigger; what you ignore gets smaller and smaller. So pay attention to and be thankful for what you have, not what you lack.
8 Should you choose to marry, marry someone you find interesting and whom you admire, who makes you feel good about yourself, and gives you sweet and silly nicknames.
9 You will more than once find yourself trying to change someone. It doesn’t work. Do this instead: think first of the options available to you rather than the options available to them
10 It is okay to be confident. Confidence can be sexy. Conceit can not.   
11 All that judging and criticizing and complaining you feel tempted to do might seem fun, but it doesn’t serve you well in life. Plus, hate is just so, so unattractive.
12 Show, don’t tell, people who you really are.  
Here are the first & second letters. More to come. Stay veracious.